Matador will stay on water tower
Posted on 9/12/2018 8:58:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Seguin City Council reversed course Tuesday night and voted to leave the Matador logo and lettering on the Lucille Street water tower near East Kingsbury Street. The council last week approved a $413,000 bid to allow the tower to be repainted, and to replace the Matador with the city's "It's Real" logo. The news angered many in the community, who questioned why the council would allow a symbol of Matador pride be taken off the water tower.

The item was reconsidered after council members Jim Lievens and Mark Herbold placed the item on Tuesday's agenda. Lievens says they are public servants and it's important that they listen to the will of the people.

Councilman Herbold explained the council's original vote. He says they didn't really focus on the Matador or "It's Real" logo. He says they were mostly concerned with getting the project done right, for the right cost.

Seguin High School student Keaghan Holt spoke to the council Tuesday night. Holt took the lead once word got out about the Matador coming down. She started an oline petition that saw nearly 2,500 people show their support for keeping the Matador.

The council unanimously approved an option that would allow a Matador logo and the letters Seguin Matadors to remain on the tower. The one holdup in the discussion was who should pay for the extra paint work. Assistant City Manager Rick Cortes explained that while there was already some money set aside to paint "Its Real," the Matador paint job is more elaborate and it will likely cost more.

Laura Rivers, a member of the Seguin Athletic Booster Club, chastised the mayor and the council for not recognizing that this would be a problem. She says with a little more communication, this all could have been avoided.

The additional $14,000 is going to be partially covered by the city and the athletic booster club. Booster Club President Cathy Beicker says they were thrilled to contribute to this project in the 1990s when former Mayor Mark Stautzenberger made the suggestion. She says they'll do what they have to do now, but evey dollar they spend on this, is a dollar that they can't spend in student-atheletes in the Seguin ISD.

The motion approved by the council Tuesday night calls for the water tower to have a Matador theme. It was phrased that way just in case the booster club, or the school district wanted to update the Matador logo. The council left it up to school officials to make that decision. A decision that could include using the same logo and writing. Several audience members say the stencil from the original project is still available. The council set a timeloine of 60 days to come up with the artwork. That will allow the project to be started during the winter months, when the water demand is lower.

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