Seguin ISD Trustees say yes to contract extension for school superintendent
Posted on 9/12/2018 6:52:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin ISD's top administrator has received a vote of confidence from members of the board of trustees. After meeting nearly 25 minutes behind closed doors, trustees returned in open session to unanimously approve the one year contract extension for Superintendent Dr. Matthew Gutierrez. In addition, the board approved a two percent salary increase bumping his salary to $201,960.

Board President Cinde Thomas-Jimenez says trustees are pleased by what Dr. Gutierrez has been able to accomplish over this past year.

"We recognize that last year that with Dr. Gutierrez coming in, it was a very challenging year and we think that he did a wonderful job of lifting the district up and moving us forward in a very positive direction and so this coming here will be the first real year where we have actually goals set for him and we, as a group, have put together our strategic plan so we have a lot of work to do this year and we are really looking forward to seeing the results of that again next year," said Jimenez.

Dr. Gutierrez says he is thankful for another opportunity to serve the district and looks forward to another great year.

"It certainly means a lot to me personally but to be afforded an additional year on my contract, to be able to continue with the efforts that have been put into place since last summer really makes me proud and I know that when the news is shared with the staff here in the district that they'll be excited as well and so I really do appreciate the support from our board of trustees in granting that additional year and as far as the two percent salary increase, I do appreciate that as well and it aligns with the same salary increase that our professional employees were able to receive as well, " said Dr. Gutierrez.

Over the course of the year, Dr. Gutierrez says it's the students who have made all the difference in the world and who drive every decision that he makes.

"I think one of the things that I do enjoy the most is the opportunity to visit campuses and get to know kids. That's what I find the most rewarding and often times, after you've been off of a campus for a number of years, you lose that and that is something that I told myself a long time ago that when that day came that I moved into central office and specifically became a superintendent because it's a very demanding role -- that I was going to continue to have relationships with students and so because of that, I believe that that really drives me and drives the decisions that I make day to day," said Gutierrez.

Jimenez says she especially thanks Dr. Gutierrez for his leadership and his ability to bring the community together.

"I'm very proud of how he has really pulled this community together and made the school district and the community proud of Seguin ISD again and I think the majority of the city feels the same way," said Jimenez.

The contract extension was approved during a special meeting held Monday night at Seguin ISD Central Offices. The meeting completed the evaluation process started by the district over a week and a half ago.
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