City, softball complex hammer out plan addressing parking concerns
Posted on 4/5/2018 7:28:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The city of Seguin has reached a compromise with the owners of the Fields at Huber Ranch when it comes to parking concerns near the busy softball complex. The Seguin City Council had already approved a "No Parking" ordinance that would have further limited on-street parking near the facility on Huber Road.

City Manager Doug Faseler says they have reached an agreement with Johnny Guerrero, one of the owners of the softball venue. Faseler says the business has plans to expand its operation. He says that expansion will ultimately allow it to connect to the city's sewer system, which should open up more of their property for parking.

"Staff met with Mr. Guerrero regarding the parking issue out at Huber Fields and from that discussion, we learned a few things. He has future plans to do three more fields, south of the existing fields. Also once the (sewers) are extended up Huber Road to connect to our sewer system -- by abandoning that septic field, he'll capture additional land there for future parking in that area," said Faseler.

Faseler says the Fields at Huber Ranch is going to start taking some extra steps now to try to get more people to park in their parking lot, and to get them off the street in that area. Faseler says also under the agreement, the no parking signs will be delayed for a couple of months, which should allow some other work to take place that should help to make things safer in that area.

"For the more immediate issue, some of the things we talked about and proposed for council consideration is delaying the effective date of the no parking restriction law on the roadway until June 1. That's basically about two months. During this time, Huber Fields would lay a chalk line five foot off the roadway on days of an event -- indicating the prohibited parking area. Also Huber Fields has ordered signage at the entrance to restrict the parking lot, stating that RV parkings are not permitted and that will be erected this year. Also effective immediately, Huber Fields is prohibiting the erection of pop up tents and tailgating activities that take up more space than a parking space in the parking lot and moving those to the grassy areas. Huber Fields has an engineering firm preparing plans which will be required to be reviewed by our staff and for consideration to construct an additional parking lot south of the existing parking," said Faseler.

The expansion would allow another 50 spaces to be added at the fields. Faseler says the parking lot would be done in stages, and eventually will be fully paved. He says all of these things are part of the agreement reached with the company. Faseler says they want to help the company, while also addressing the safety concerns that have been raised in that area.

"What he proposed for the first phase is to do that as a compactive base parking lot -- again have to conform to engineer plans and ensure that a proper detention area is available for drainage. That is proposed to be completed by June 1, which is also the time that the enforcent on the roadway would begin. Then (they) would go back and re-grade the proper grade. Again as far as the enforcement of the no parking on the curb, that would be moved to June 1 and basically two months to get it engineered, reviewed and constructed that base parking lot, but regardless if it's complete, we would initiate enforcement on June 1 on the curve," said Faseler.

Council Jim Lievens, who represents that area, says the compromise was a good solution to a problem that definitely needed to be addressed.

"I just wanted to also add my thanks for that spirit of cooperation between Mr. Guerrero and his partners and staff for working this out. It is an issue that needed to be addressed, so thank you all for sitting down and discussing it," said Lievens.

The Fields at Huber Ranch is a privately held company that host hundreds of softball tournaments each year. It's responsible for bringing teams to Seguin from all over the country, and in some cases from outside the United States. The city council during this process has stressed that they don't want to hinder the business' operation. In fact, the company now regularly receives approximately $30,000 a year from the city. The money comes from the city's hotel occupancy fund, and the Fields at Huber Ranch is the only commercial enterprise to ever receive any of those funds. Council members say while they want to do everything that they can to help the business, they couldn't continue to allow the on-street parking to occur in that area.
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