Guadalupe County Elections Office provides recap of March 6 Joint Primary
Posted on 3/9/2018 8:56:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Guadalupe County Elections Office is wrapping up another successful March Joint Primary Election. That's according to Elections Administrator Lisa Adam. Adam says the unofficial numbers at this time report that 16,175 voters or 16.9 percent turned out to cast their ballots for their favorite Republican or Democratic candidates on Tuesday.

"I think we had a pretty good turnout for a mid term primary. We had -- now these are unofficial numbers, of course, but we had a 16.9 percent turnout is what we're looking at right now for early voting and election day combined. Now, there are still provisional ballots that we will be processing to see if they're eligible to be counted. There are late bill ballots that can come in from our military overseas ballots, our voters. We have until the 12th of March to process those. They're going to change the numbers a little bit as well. That's why the results are listed as unofficial. Once we get all of that data in and get it processed, then the parties will canvas the election. At that point, the election votes will be final. Then, we'll know for sure what our final turnout numbers were, how many voters did we have. Until then, there's still a little bit of play in what the numbers will do because they're not final," said Adam.

Adam says while the election ran smoothly, there continues to be challenges in offering Vote Centers in Guadalupe County. She says the challenges are not with the program itself or the convenience that it offers to voters -- allowing them to vote wherever there is a polling location. Instead, she says it's about making sure each location is properly equipped to handle the voters that come through.

"Election Day, actually, I feel like went fairly smoothly. It's always a little bit hectic because you have a large number of people coming in to vote, even though it's over 34 locations -- they're all trying to do to the same thing in the same 12 hour period. So it's always a little bit crazy and we expect that. I think one of our challenges that we're still struggling with, now that we've gone to Vote Centers, we still have no way to predict where the voters are going to go. I think until we get at least four or five elections under our belts, we're not going to have enough data to accurately map how the voters choose where to go and which elections. So that's one of the things we're struggling with is trying to keep the lines down. Make sure we have enough equipment, enough staff, so that the voters don't have to wait in line. But knowing that if they did, there's other voting locations nearby that they can go to. That takes a little different level of coordination in trying to predict what we think the voters are going to do. So I think that's one of our biggest challenges that we faced this election. We were just trying to make sure we were adequately staffed everywhere that we thought the voters were going to turnout the most. Again, there's a learning curve there. It's on going and I think it's going to take us a little while to get all the kinks worked out of that one," said Adam.

Adam says with the available 34 locations in which to vote, her office was able to better gauge some of the most utilized polling locations throughout Guadalupe County.

"We did see heavier traffic here in Seguin. The Silver Center did have heavy traffic because I think that is so close to our office and people frequently come in here on election day thinking they can vote in this office when we really only do early voting here. So we typically give them the nearest location. So the Silver Center is obviously right around the corner. So they have seen a huge increase in their turnout on election day, but we also send them to the other locations around. The library I think saw a heavier turn out than we thought they would. A little further on in the outskirts of the county, Grace Memorial. Central Texas Technology Center saw a very heavy turnout. As always. the Schertz Elections Office on the west side saw the heaviest turn out of all of the locations," said Adam.

While the elections office is working to put Tuesday's election to bed, it is also moving forward with plans to host the May 22 Run-off election and the May 5th Election for the city of Marion. Adam says until then, her office will be available to help answer any questions that voters might have prior to casting their ballot in two months.
Guadalupe County Elections Office

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