Caterpillar Seguin launches new product line; New product line at Caterpillar plant to enhance current production
Posted on 4/19/2017 8:06:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Caterpillar Seguin facility is adding a new product line. A small ceremony was held recently to celebrate the launch of a new Power Gen -- gas and diesel generator sets assembly line and test area.
Josh Schneuker, executive director of the Seguin Economic Development Corporation, says Seguin's Caterpillar facility has installed an assembly line to build Cat branded gas and diesel powered generator sets which will be used in rental and retail markets around the world.
"Caterpillar is going to be -- with this new production line -- manufacturing generators and these can be used -- you can see them kind of anywhere you go, at hospitals, businesses, things like that as back up power, just in case. They are taking the engines that are manufactured in the facility already and then with this new production line, they're putting the housing component on top of that so that they're ready to go out onto the market as a full set power generator system," said Schneuker.
The gen sets are powered by an engine range of 2.2 Liter up to 18 Liter. CAT officials say from 27 to 500 eKW (Electrical Kilowatts) of power potential, Cat branded gas and diesel-fueled generator sets are built to world-class standards, for high efficiency, low fuel consumption and global emissions compliance.
Schneuker says plenty of hard work and negotiation went into relocating the product line to Seguin.
"I do know that the actually housing of the generator sets were being done at another facility, another Caterpillar facility outside the state. That operation -- there was a decision from Caterpillar to relocate that operation to Seguin. Just thinking about it, logistically it made a whole lot more sense to have everything under one roof when it comes to manufacturing those products instead of having different components go to different places throughout the country to complete the whole process. So that's kind of how it landed here. We had a discussion with Caterpillar about this probably, I would say maybe close to a year ago now about the possibility of this new generator product line coming ot Seguin and here we are, now a year later, and we got it here at our facility," said Schneuker.
Schneuker says while it is still not known about the number of employees that will still be needed to oversee this new line, he does know that jobs will be created and added to the already estimated 1,200 employees that work at Caterpillar.
"It's definitely good news for our facility as we see a new production line added. In turn with that, will come new  job opportunities and things like that. So that's what we're really excited about is that there are additional employment opportunities that will kind of come about from this year," said Schneuker.
Caterpillar Seguin, which began operation in 2009, is the global supplier of large inline diesel engines and gas and diesel powered generator sets.  The facility currently assembles, paints and tests engines ranging from 7.2 Liters to 18 Liters.

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